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King Communications has experience with all aspects of work in the wireless communications field. We can take a project from start to finish, or we can assist with any individual process along the way. King specializes in difficult installations, no job is beyond our skill set.


Our services include:

  • Civil Construction such as Site Preparation, Road Construction, Earthwork and Concrete

  • Underground Utilities

  • Foundation and Caisson Installation

  • Utility and Grounding Installation

  • Shelter Installation

  • Tower Erection

  • Structural steel modifications, foundation modifications

  • Licensed General & Electrical Contractor

  • Landscaping

  • Permitting

  • System Installation and Optimization

  • Troubleshooting and Repair of antenna systems

  • Installation and repair  of fiber optic systems

  • Transmission Line Support Structure Installation

  • Transmission Line Installation

  • Certified Sweep and PIM Testing

  • Lightning Protection

  • Small Cell design, construction, installation, optimization

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Fiber Optics testing and troubleshooting

  • Generator Deployment and Maintenance

  • Battery Installation and Maintenance

  • Tower Top Inspections and Testing

  • COW/Generator Deployment

  • Project Management

  • PIM testing and Remediation

  • DC power installation and maintenance

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